Physical Education

PE Philosophy

Physical Education is the aspect of education that utilizes physical activity to contribute to the student’s fitness, psycho-motor, cognitive, and affective areas of development. As a physical education teacher, I strive to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to develop a healthy and fit lifestyle. By providing quality standards based instruction, students will engage in learning opportunities while having fun and staying physically active. The physical education program will help students strengthen the skills that have already been developed and provide opportunities for various new skills to be acquired. I believe that all students can increase their level of fitness regardless of their fitness level or athletic ability. The physical education program helps students develop lifetime skills which will enable the student to lead a healthy and productive life both in and out of school. The learning environment will reflect an atmosphere conducive to the development of positive social and emotional growth. Various activities ranging from traditional to non-traditional, as well as individual and team activities will be incorporated into the curriculum in order to reach students of all skill and interest levels.

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PE Rules

  1. Treat teacher, classmates, and school with respect. 
  2. Try everything and try hard.
  3. Be a good listener.
  4. Do what you are supposed to do, even when the teacher isn’t looking.
  5. Use equipment correctly.

Discipline Policy

  1. Verbal Warning
  2.  Time-out
  3. Time-out for entire class period.

**Parent will be contacted if student frequently struggles to follow rules

Horizon Academy West Physical Education Grading

Physical Education grades will be aligned with theNew Mexico Physical Education Standards.  This means the students will be graded in the following 7 key concepts. Even though the Physical Education units will change throughout the year, these key concepts remain consistent.

  • Demonstrates motor skills.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of movement concepts and principles.
  • Participatesin physical education activities.
  • Fitness (Fitness testing & Health-related fitness components)
  • Demonstrates responsible personal and social behavior
  • Respects teacher, classmates, and school.
  • Effort