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The pre-kindergarten class at Horizon Academy West is a New Mexico PreK program aimed at preparing 4-year-olds for kindergarten through an engaging, play-based curriculum. New Mexico PreK is a voluntary program funded by the state of New Mexico, and is intended to provide high-quality early childhood education and a solid foundation of skills to children before they head off to kindergarten. At Horizon Academy West, we believe that all children, no matter their background or neighborhood, should have an equal chance for success in both school and life. This is why we strongly encourage parents to explore PreK as an option for their child.  Dependent on funding, we offer an AM/PM program and an extended day program (not full day).  Once accepted into the program, parents will have the option to choose the program that is best for their child.  This is space dependent,  but we do try our best to honor all requests.  It is important to note that as this is a NM PreK program, students enter into the HAW lottery for Kindergarten.

As part of the New Mexico PreK program, our teachers develop activities that are meant to capture the imagination and curiosity of students while preparing them for a successful future. These activities are based on seven distinct areas:

  • Establishing social skills and appropriate behavior within a group
  • Maintaining hygiene and overall health
  • Developing problem-solving skills, and a sense of independence/perseverance
  • Introduction to fundamentals of science
  • Listening, language, reading, and writing
  • Counting, shapes, sorting, and measuring
  • Art, music, and movement

If you’re interested in learning more about our PreK program, visit:, or reach out to Horizon Academy West today!