Fourth Grade

Welcome to the fourth grade! Horizon Academy West has adopted the Common Core State Standards to develop our curriculum. For a clearer idea of what they are, please take some time to view them on the New Mexico Department of Education website (links are below).

Mathematics: The fourth grade team has established a school-wide mathematics program that focuses on the five domains of number & operations in base ten, operations and algebraic thinking, number & operations-fractions, measurement and data, and geometry. We are currently employing McGraw-Hill’s MyMath program which presents mathematics through thematic chapters and real-world applications with special emphasis on learning mathematical concepts through a myriad of strategies. Students must be able to explain the reasoning behind the answers they get as well as provide proof that they understood the concept covered.

Language Arts: Several years ago, we at Horizon Academy West developed a school-wide reading program. It is approximately an hour and a half of dedicated reading instruction directly focused on the development of reading skills and strategies that are needed by many students. Providing a balance of fictional and nonfictional stories is integral to the success of our program. Our primary goal in the fourth grade is to help our students become “great thinkers”. Applying scientifically-based programs such as Open Court will help us to achieve this goal.

Social Studies: In past years, social studies have not received the attention it should have. However, here at Horizon Academy, our fourth grade team believes it is an important component of one’s well-rounded education. We stress government—at both the State and Federal levels. We also believe that students need to understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens of the United States. Concepts are learned through nonfiction reading as well as through engaging “hands-on” projects and educational field trips.

Science: Students have the opportunity to learn concepts through several hands-on science projects. We study the fields of physical science, health and life science, as well as Earth and space science.

To learn more about fourth grade standards, visit the Language Arts and Mathematics Common Core Standards sites, as well as the New Mexico Science and Social Studies Standards sites at the links provided.