About Our School

Horizon Academy West is a New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) Charter School, and conforms to NMPED regulations with respect to admissions procedures for charter schools. There is no tuition charge to attend. To learn more about lottery regulations, please visit:

New Student Lottery Application


( updated 05/15/12)
HAW will comply with all applicable laws in admitting students. As a Public School, HAW’s admissions policy is governed by Federal and State laws which require that admission of students be on a lottery basis.

In respect of any school year, the following preferences apply:

A Description of the Enrollment Procedures used by Horizon Academy West
Horizon Academy West assures that it will enroll students through a lottery selection process.

Students who are continuing are automatically admitted upon their completion of an intent to return admissions form. Siblings of current students are admitted if appropriate space is available. Applications are available at our front office to pick up and drop off. Tours of the school will be available upon request. Spaces available will be by subtracting the number of continuing students from the number of available spaces in each grade. A random lottery for any classes/grades that exceed capacity will be held. For those in the lottery, student’s names will be drawn randomly from all the students who have submitted a complete application until capacity is reached.

All remaining students not selected for enrollment through the lottery will be placed on a waiting list of students according to their lottery position on the waiting list. Students will be selected for enrollment from this list throughout the year as openings may occur. Regularly throughout the year, additional names may be selected randomly through the lottery process.

Horizon Academy West WILL NOT charge tuition or have admission requirements, except as otherwise provided in the Public School Code.

To assure that there is an equal opportunity for all parents and students to learn about the school and apply for admission, Notices will be sent out by newsletters, fliers, and posted on our website.

The Lottery Process

Lotteries shall be held at the front office/conference room. Students will be identified by the application number. The application number is drawn and announced and recorded in order to draw until all spaces are filled. The remaining application numbers will go back into the grade level wait list, if an opening becomes available after the initial lottery, an applicant number may be drawn to fill the opening. Any student expelled or suspended from any other school, including another Charter School within the last year, will not be eligible for admission to Horizon Academy West. Any omission or falsification of pertinent information on the Horizon Academy West application can be considered cause for rescinding their application.

How to Apply

The Application is needed for entrance into the lottery, and the Enrollment package is to be completed should your child be drawn in the lottery. Once completed, you will be notified by letter if your child has been drawn in the lottery.

If you would like your child(ren) to be considered for enrollment, please contact our registrar, Angelica Montano, or stop by our school for an application or enrollment packet. Applications can be picked up at:

Horizon Academy West
3021 Todos Santos RD
Albuquerque, NM 87120

For further information, please contact Angelica Baca by phone at (505) 998-0459, Ext. 106 or by email at