Third Grade

Welcome to the third grade at Horizon Academy West! Third grade will be an exciting year, as there are many new and fulfilling challenges facing our young students. These challenges are made to help them grow and develop their modes of thinking in new and complex ways. They will be expected to master their multiplication tables, write well-formed essays, and read fiction and nonfiction text on a daily basis. At Horizon Academy West, we expect hard work and a lot of focus from our students. As teachers, we strive to instill a positive attitude and promote a good solid work ethic, while providing the care and support our students need to succeed. Our team promises to always be firm, fair, and consistent in all aspects of your child’s school day. In order to be successful, we request continued parental support and involvement with your child’s education.

The teacher said to the students
“Come to the edge”.
They replied,
“But we might fall”.
The teacher again said,
“Come to the edge”
and they responded,
“It’s too high”.
“Come to the edge”,
the teacher demanded.
So they came,
the teacher pushed them,
and they flew.

To learn more about third grade standards, visit the Language Arts and Mathematics Common Core Standards sites, as well as the the New Mexico Science and Social Studies Standards sites at the links provided.