Welcome to kindergarten at Horizon Academy West! Our thoughtfully developed and highly structured program follows Common Core Standards in language arts and mathematics, as well as New Mexico State Standards for science and social studies. As a grade level, we hold high standards for each child and strive to provide a fun and rewarding learning environment for our students. We are determined to help each child succeed and exceed the expectations set for typical kindergarten classrooms. We hope you and your child become a part of our kindergarten family at HAW!

Our Kindergarteners' Favorite Things About School:

  1. We play games at recess!
  2. We love art, PE, and the library!
  3. We learn to read and write!
  4. We have fun homework!
  5. We learn how to use computers!
  6. We learn to count to 100!
  7. We go on awesome field trips!
  8. We learn how to add and subtract!
  9. We do cool centers and learn!
  10. We learn to listen!

To learn more about the curriculum taught in our kindergarten classrooms, visit the Language Arts and Mathematics Common Core Standards sites, as well as the New Mexico Science and Social Studies Standards sites at the links provided.