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P-EBT Important Information from the NMPED Student Success and Wellness Bureau:

  • As of today October 1st per USDA and end of the federal fiscal year, the PED and HSD can NO longer can issue any new P-EBT or accept new data from schools or districts to distribute P-EBT for any phases. There are no more federal funds available for P-EBT at this time.
  • Keep in mind the last day we gave to get data to the PED was September 18th. This was due to the tight time frame we had to get the P-EBT out to students and families.
  • This applies to the first and second round of P-EBT issuance.
  • HSD is in the process of issuing the remainder of the second round of P-EBT cards for new students and student on SNAP and regular EBT on or by October 22nd (approximately 72k families, and affect 92k students). Families need to be patient and wait for them to be mailed and received. The second round will not be added to existing EBT cards.
  • Moving forward the PED and HSD can only do address changes for benefits that were issued in both phases per USDA.
  • We do not know if there are going to be future P-EBT issuances please let families know to save their existing P-EBT cards.
  • Schools and Districts need to continue to ensure that your student data and addresses are updated, submit, and validated valid in STARS or to the PED.

Contact numbers:

  • HSD Hotline- 1-800-283-4465
  • PED Hotline- 1-505-660-4822
  • FIS number- 1-800-843-8303 (card replacements)

Note: The HSD and the PED are working on getting a consolidated 1800 number.

Website links for P-EBT information:

  • HSD Website -
  • PED Website Link to HSD - (Pandemic EBT which is under Important information and quick links)

Childcare Providers: